I don’t mind being in a mans world as long as I can be a woman in it
– Marilyn Monroe

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Independent Escort

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Luxury English Companion

Welcome to my corner of cyberspace, where you will encounter a thoroughly British affair. I am an English thoroughbred, born in the United Kingdom, a descendant of pure English genes. I possess that quintessential British accent only a true Londoner has. I’m not going to pretend to be well versed in politics or academia but I did attend two universities and had a professional career for many years.

I have a playful nature, an easy disposition and a terribly British sense of humor. I can be the ultimate partner in crime for dinner dates, soirees and gallivanting around the world. I crave new experiences and I’m always up for new adventures. I adore spontaneous proposals and any request for travel. I may be a woman of the world, but at heart, I am still a young girl enjoying life and not quite ready to grow up.

I enjoy meeting discreet, respectful and kind gentlemen who are seeking to build unique memories with an exceptionally experienced, mature and beautiful woman. One that values longer dates and is committed to developing consistent encounters but most of all respects boundaries within those relationships. This does not mean that you need to be a certain age to engage with me. As long as you can display a level of maturity and respect for women and explain why you should meet with a woman of my caliber that’s all I ask.



It’s better to absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
– Marilyn Monroe

My curiosity lead me into a bizarre and unorthodox world where I discovered the unimaginable, the unexpected and the downright eccentric. I encountered extraordinary people, developed new relationships, enriched my mind and broadened my horizons. It has lead me to travel far and wide, I consider myself a gallivanter, an indulgent bon voyeur. An eternal nomad forever in a quest for the perfect spot to live, somewhere tranquil, warm, and far far away.

When we meet you will be greeted by a petite woman with an elegant demeanor, slim but with delicious natural curves. Someone one who works hard at the gym to ensure her body is tight beneath those curves. My long blonde hair is emphatically straight and reaches down my back and past my tiny waist. I have mesmerising blue eyes and I possess an innocent face, but don’t be fooled by my innocent demeanour. Despite my “butter wouldn’t melt” appearance you can see the mischief dancing in my eyes. I am the demure blonde with a killer body, skin smooth as velvet and a light Californian tan. Someone who is happiest working out in the gym or stretching out her limbs in a Yoga class. Unfortunately, I am relied upon to keep my face a pretty little secret.


We should all start to live before we get too old; fear is stupid.
– Marilyn Monroe
As an established pro-domme I have 10 years experience playing in fully equipped dungeons and domestic settings. I am extraordinary because outwardly my appearance is elegant and classy, my demeanor naive and innocent. Your natural instinct will be to take care of me, protect and serve me. Once I am in play my character is strict and authoritarian and you will be caught in a cycle of punishment and reward, the alpha male in you will rise to the surface and you will struggle to fulfil your fantasy of submission when your sexual desire takes over. A beautiful goddess will stand before you and you will battle with Denial because from the outset you will want to possess me. The internal struggle to take control will conflict with your desire for servitude. Retaining your composure and maintaining respectful behaviour will become emotional psychological torture. Your need for reward will override the necessity for punishment. You will face the humiliation of being unable to control yourself while restrained, your senses annihilated with the smell and feel of my skin and the textures of silk or latex gliding over you. As an experienced Dominatrix I have become proficient in role play scenarios and I excel in tie and tease scenarios. For those who love to submit completely I have a proclivity for devices that connect to power outlets, an activity that tickles my senses and feeds my puerile sense of humour. Are you ready for a unique and unforgettable experience?

Terms of Service:

My fees are for time and companionship only. Anything that occurs between consenting adults is a personal choice. Overnight dates must include: dinner and breakfast (including at least 6hours of sleep). Please ask about full day / multiple day dates.

Deposits & Cancellation:

USA – All dates of 2 hours or less are secured with a 25% deposit which is non-refundable should you cancel. Any date over 3 hours must be secured with a 50% deposit. All payments are made anonymously and processed by a third party. Should you have paid a 50% deposit or prepaid the full amount and need to *cancel I reserve the right to retain your deposit and apply it to a future date provided i am returning to your city in the near future (*any cancellation once I’m in the USA forfeits any refund). I am not interested in running off with your deposit and ruining my reputation. *I will consider waivering a deposit if you have passed at least one of my screening procedures. Please respect this is to secure my tour in your city and for my personal safety.


USA/NYC (Deposits manditory)
One Hour Speed Date $800
Two Delightful Hours $1200
Additional Subsequent Hour $600
Delectable Four Hour Dinner Date $1800
Decadent Six Hour Soiree $2400
Extravagant Overnight including breakfast & dinner $3200
Full 24hrs $4000
multiple day dates POA
One Hour Introduction £400
Delightful Two Hour Date £700
Four Hour Gastronomy Affair £1000
Six Hour Soiree (playtime+dinner+dessert) £1500
Delicious Overnight (12 hrs) £1800
Luxury Overnight (15 hrs) £2500
Multiple day dates POA
DUBAI : AED (dates over 6hrs full prepayment required)
One Hour Incall / Outcall 2’500
Two Hours Incall / Outcall 3’500 / 4’000
Dinner Date 4hrs (minimum for Outcalls to AbuDhabi) 5’000  + uber
Extended Soiree / Fly me to you  / Middle East 8’000  + expenses
Overnight  / Fly me to you / Middle East 10’000  + expenses
FULL DAY 24hrs 12’500
multiple  day dates POA


If you are seeking a woman of beauty, class and intelligence then look no further

Secure Booking Form
[email protected]

Screening Options

1. Employment Verification:
Your full name and mobile phone number (mandatory). Your company name and position (including work email) with a direct link to your LinkedIn profile displaying a profile photo (please ensure your settings enable visibility to all LinkedIn members)

2. Companion References:
Your full name and mobile phone number (mandatory) and two references from published companions who you have seen in the past 6 months and are still active. Please provide their full details including: url, email, and cell – don’t expect me to google them. Please do not provide agency details which are a conflict of interest.

3. ID verification:
Your full name and mobile phone number (mandatory). If you’re retired or perhaps this is your first time seeking companionship then I require a scan or photo of your government issued ID (in English) and which I can verify against the original when we meet.

I reserve the right to ask for multiple screening procedures if I’m not entirely comfortable with your enquiry. Please mention if you’ve ever encountered a problem with a provider on a previous occasion. I do not call anyone on the cell number provided unless we’ve pre-agreed a date and time. I now email from a fully encrypted system via proton mail but I’m happy to message you from a professional non-work email to your business email for verification purposes.